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Jodi Carson

Jodi is a typical busy working mom of 2 girls – Taylor and Phoebe. She’s married to Murphy and not only takes care of her girls and Murphy, but they’ve rescued 2 boxers who are like her children, too (along with a slew of other foster dogs)!

Jodi loves to share her favorite finds whether it’s a new book she’s reading, the perfect recipe or some cute shoes! You’ll hear Jodi talking about her touching and funny family stories. She’s also the voice for women and everything Hollywood on the show. Most importantly Jodi juggles Sam’s craziness and her husband Murphy’s idiosyncrasies every morning!

When Jodi’s not working you can find her in the carpool line, working out or training for her next race! She also loves spending time with her family.

Sam North

Sam is a comic genius and the key to the show’s success (and he writes his own bio). If you need a laugh in the morning just listen for a few minutes…he can’t help but to throw out a joke.

Time off finds Sam spending time with his wife Erin and 7 kids and step kids…yep, 7(4 boys/3 girls). His hobbies include cooking, tweeting, reading, counting kids and of course MUSIC…his iPod has over 4400 songs and counting.

Sam was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. He did a stint in college radio and on an oldies station before teaming up with Murphy in 1992 and adding Jodi in 1997.

Bob Murphy

Murphy is married to Jodi and their real life relationship takes you through the typical (and not so typical) adventures of marriage with children. Murphy has two daughters with Jodi – Taylor and Phoebe. Aside from his marriage and kids, Murphy and Jodi have rescued 2 boxer dogs- Chevy and Ashley. These two are enough to keep anyone busy!

Murphy is known as “Mr. Safety” on the show which often times is his easiest trait to pick on lovingly. He loves anything gadget-y from his iPhone to his insulin pump. Murphy is a Type 1 diabetic and is involved with the American Diabetes Association, and gives encouragement to children and young adults who are learning their way through insulin dependency.

Murphy spends most of his spare time (is that even possible for him?!) with Jodi and their two daughters eating out, visiting family and friends, and supporting various non-profit agencies.

Producer Emilie

Producer Emilie is the youngest of the morning show family (born in ’82). She started with the show in 2004 as an intern and now couldn’t imagine her mornings without Murphy, Sam and Jodi! Emilie loves chatting with Jodi, learning from Murphy and joking around with Sam.

Producer Emilie keeps the website up-to-date, tries to keep the show moving in the morning and is the most organized person you’ll ever meet!

Emilie is married to her college sweetheart, Mike, and they had their first child, Jacob, in December 2012. When she’s not hanging with Mike and Jake, you can find Emilie with friends and family, training for a race, playing volleyball or watching some sort of sporting event.

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