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Guard Your Life is offering another BMW class on Saturday, May 3rd with limited availability and the class is free for those who go to the Guard Your Life website and make a pledge.  But go NOW before the class get full!

Whether you go to a beach or a waterpark you are sure to find that they have one thing in common - lifeguards.  These people are there to make sure that you don't do anything dangerous or reckless and they are there to rescue you if you get in over your head. 

When you are behind the wheel of a car or on a motorcycle, however, there is no lifeguard.  The only person standing between you and dangerous or reckless behavior is you.  You have to be willing to guard your own life.  That's what this challenge is all's a plea for you to be careful and to guard your life! 

Every one of you is important, loved, and full of potential.  We want to challenge you to make the kind of choices that will help you reach that potential.  If you take, and fulfill this challenge, not only will you be doing yourself and your family a will be eligible to participate in the Guard Your Life Challenge Driving Experience at BMW Performance Center free of charge (must meet requirements). Once you have completed the class you will get a Guard Your Life Challenge shirt and wristband.  

I pledge that this year I will...
  • wear my seatbelt whenever I’m in a moving vehicle.
  • operate my vehicle in a safe manner.
  • never text and drive or ride with anyone who does.
  • only use my phone when it is safe to do so.
  • never operate a vehicle under the influence or ride with anyone under the influence.
  • refuse to use illegal drugs or any prescription drugs in an illegal manner.
  • not drink alcohol until i am of a legal age and then do so in a safe manner.
  • sign up for and attend an alive at 25 program.
  • maintain at least a 2.8gpa.
  • be a positive role model for my family and friends.
There will be another class on September 7th if you don't get a chance to get into this one.

Here’s the link to the website:

Promo video we shot video at our last class:
Long Version:

Plus we had a little fun too!

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