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Stacie Bartro

What's your baby trying to say?

ADVANCED BABY SUIT TELLS A CHILD'S MOOD: A new baby suit with built-in 'biosensors' could actually let parents know WHY their baby is crying. The Exmobaby suit has a thermometer, heart rate monitor and movement sensor built into the fabric. The gadget builds up a picture of the child's 'mood' - and lets parents know, for instance, the child has been moving about rather than sleeping, updating them via email or text. The sensors are built into the fabric and transmitted via a tiny transceiver pod which transmits a burst of data once a minute. The gadget can also sense moisture and tell parents when it's time to change their baby. Parents can manually adjust the gadget's 'guesses' so that it will get better the more it is used. "The software means that parents can record previous physical states and attach a motivation, such as hunger or tiredness, which allows the system to predict likely causes in future,: says the company. Check it out:

Courtesy of Pulse of Radio

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03/08/2012 10:51AM
What's your baby trying to say?
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