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Stacie Bartro

What? INSTANTLY Drunk?!?

A Harvard scientist has collaborated with a French designer to create a portable mouth spray, called WA/HH Quantum Sensations, that gets users instantly drunk -- although it only lasts for a few seconds. The system, which was presented at a French exhibition, sprays a small amount of alcohol directly into the users' system, creating the brief buzz and leaving behind no hangover. George Fox at CBS News speculated on why someone might want to use this spray, stating, "Maybe it's just a curiosity. Maybe somebody who doesn't drink needs a few moments of 'liquid courage' in order to talk to a cute guy or girl at the bar." Distribution details aren't yet available, but The Week says the spray will reportedly cost $26.

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05/07/2012 1:04PM
What? INSTANTLY Drunk?!?
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