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Crossfit FAILS. If you are still sticking to your Resolutions of working out & you need a little laugh/motivation...check out these workout FAILS!

A little bit of this & a little bit of that...

Since I am pregnant again I figured it was time to whip this list out...what NOT to say to a pregnant woman! As much as you want to tell me that I look like a butterball turkey or that I have twins in there- it's just not kosher. Check out the list HERE!

Here I am pregnant last summer...end of June and Baby J got here August 19th!

While we are on the subject of pregnancy...Morning sickness costs driver $ about it HERE! (I would have been LIVID!)

Heads up! Better be careful as to what you're putting on that Facebook page of yours...Employers are now asking for Facebook passwords before hiring you...YIKES!

While we are on the jobs subject...Nannies are making how much to do what!?!? Read all about it...HERE

No high heels behind the wheel...say what!? A ban on wearing high heels while driving...

Who needs dating website when you can just do this?! Some "Lonely Guy" posts flyers in NYC and gets 65,000 phone calls!

Anyway, have a great Hump Day! Just two more wake ups and the weekend is here...WAHOO!

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03/21/2012 4:01PM
A little bit of this & a little bit of that...
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03/21/2012 5:49PM
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Natalia, did I miss the announcement? Did you find out if you are having a boy or girl yet?
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