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Should Karen keep ALL the money?

Should Bullied School Bus Monitor Keep the $648,000-Plus Raised for Her?

An amazing $648,000-plus has been raised online for the 68-year-old school bus monitor who was seen on a video that went viral last week being bullied by middle school students in upstate New York. The original goal of the site was to raise $5,000 for Karen Klein to take a dream vacation, but now that the amount has swelled to near $650,000, Klein says she plans to divide some of it among her grandchildren, invest some of it, and donate the rest to charity. But some are now questioning whether Klein should keep the money at all. Adrian Chen wrote at the website Gawker that it's silly to believe that giving all this money to Klein has taught bullies any kind of lesson. He wrote, "If bullies have learned anything from the Klein episode . . . they've learned that you don't upload video evidence to YouTube for the entire Internet to rage over." Chen also said that by accepting the money, Klein would be teaching America, quote, "That no matter how senselessly you suffer, no matter how public your humiliation, there is always some dollar amount that can make up for it. It gets better, for a price."

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06/26/2012 6:33AM
Should Karen keep ALL the money?
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