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No naming names....


Unhappy couples who don't have a lot of money are more likely to just have a long-term separation as opposed to getting a divorce. Researchers found that those married couples who undergo long-term separations generally appear to be those who can't afford to divorce. The researchers found about 80 percent of all respondents who went through a marital separation ultimately divorced, most within three years. About 5 percent attempted to reconcile, and 15 percent of separations didn't lead to divorce or reconciliation within 10 years. Couples in these long-term separations tended to be racial and ethnic minorities, have low family income and education and have young children. "Long-term separation seems to be the low-cost, do-it-yourself alternative to divorce for many disadvantaged couples," they said in a statement. "Separation may not be their first choice, but they may feel it is their best choice." (UPI)

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08/30/2012 11:29AM
No naming names....
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