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Stacie Bartro

Just some thoughts.

You know, we never know when our time "is up" on this earth.  Make it count!  I know we get frustrated and fly off the handle and say and do things we later regret.... but don't let them stop you from trying to NOT do them/that.  Perhaps it comes with age....

I was talking with Lee Alexander earlier...I posted some reaction on our Magic 98.9 Facebook Fan Page from stars about Whitney Houston's death, just hours after it was released that she had died.  Peter Fonda just might be the biggest jerk in the world.  When asked about his thoughts, he started spouting off so callously the effect of drugs and alcohol and hard living.  Yes, we all know this Peter, but Whitney's lifeless body still lay in her room 4 floors up while you were saying this and just mere hours after the death announcement.  Not to mention the woman who was standing next to you during the "interview" did not look exactly put together Peter... WHAT A JERK!

Compassion.  Where has compassion gone?  There is always something going on in someone's life, so it is your (my) responsibility to help make their day easier.  I would certainly want that in return.

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02/13/2012 4:11PM
Just some thoughts.
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