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Murphy, Sam & Jodi  Weekdays 5am - 9am

Listen to Murphy Sam & Jodi Monday thru Friday 5am to 9am on Magic 98.9.  Get to know them better by liking their Facebook and following them on Twitter!

Jodi is the core of the show and easily connects with the target listener because she also is the target listener (mom, wife, and career). Because she and Murphy are married, the reality of life and working together keeps it real. Murphy is too conservative for his own good and often sticks his foot in his mouth. You can always
count on Sam to shake things up. Wrapped in sarcasm, but surprisingly compassionate when you least expect it, Sam’s the funny man-with 7 kids you have to be. Also in the cast, Emilie – producer for 7 years, and a new mom keeps Jodi from being outnumbered.

  Sheri Taylor  Weekdays 10am - 3pm


What is in a name?
I cannot stand to be called Sherry! My name is spelled with an accent (Sherí) for a reason ( my mother named me -- ask her how my name is pronounced!). I got so sick of correcting people in school that I just stopped. I think it bugs me mainly because of the way people drag out the name or sing all of those songs with the name Sherry in them-- thank you Steve Perry!

Do you have a Nick Name?
Most of my friends call me Ree or some variation there of. My buddy Kesty has since college & will always call me REEEEE REEEEEE!!! Said just that loud with her Belvedere, South Cakalackey accent. Even at my wedding she refrred to me as Ree Ree to our priest, Bless Her

Do you have any pet peeves?
I am a bit neurotic when it comes to spit, snot or saliva in general. It is something that used to make me gag when someone would spit or blow their nose any where within ear shot of me. I have a select group of "friends" who use this as a parlor trick to say "I bet I can make Ree sick!"

You are always upbeat, do you ever get mad?
 I get extremely mad when someone tells me not to get mad! Ask anyone who has ever tried this on me. It is one of those things that makes me see red, because I am pretty much a "go with the flow" kind of girl and I am not mad.. but BLAMMO! I am instantly mad the more they say it.

Favorite Foods?
 I have a slight addiction to Starbucks Skinny Caramel Macchiatos (with whip cream on top). I love sushi, popcorn, Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams or Crunchy Peter Pan--- pretty much anything savory and oh yeah! cheese. As for that fine southern delicacy--- I am a bit of a
Pimento & Cheese snob. The best is homemade by my Aunt Gladys, it is too good for words!

Do you play favorites?
Not when it comes to my boys Austin, 7 and Bennett, 3. They are the two great loves of my life and I love both of them with "eveything that I've got"! Thirteen is my favorite number, just so happens Austin was born on Friday the 13th (lucky day for me after 24 hours labor & an
emergency c-section). Green is my favorite color, Bennett happens to have the biggest green eyes you've ever seen.

Do you have any pets?
I have a cat named Joplin (named after Janis Joplin). She is very vocal and when she cries out she sounds like the beginning of "Cry Baby"! She is a munchkin cat, which means she looks like a mid size kitten even though she is 14 years old. She is kinda "fluffy", if you know what I mean.
She looks more like a kitten that has swallowed an ottoman.

Location, Location, Location?
I love to travel. One of the coolest countries that I have been to is Iceland. Seriously! There was snow everywhere! It is my goal to eventually end up living on an island with ocean breezes and frozen fruity drinks at my beck and call.

What is that smell?
I love the smell of mint. Peppermint, Spearmint, Chocolate Mint and especially mint candles, soap, lotion etc. It is like a zen thing for me. I will argue with you that Wintergreen should never ever venture into the aforementioned category.

Did you just make that sound?
I have a loud obnoxious laugh, that gets me into trouble.. especially when I laugh so hard, I snort. Yup! That actually happens!

Thrill Seeker or Play it Safe?
Is there a category for "likes to push the envelope"? I want to do a Zip Line, a Mud Run, a Color or Foam Run... but refuse to do a Zombie Run. Anyone that would try to eat my brain has something seriously wrong with them. I am afraid that I might kill a member of the "undead" should they
come after my asthmatic self during one of these runs.

Words of Wisdom?
Life is too short to be too scared to follow your dreams. I love being on the air. I am a natural born performer, it is what I know! I grew up doing theatre, I do standup comedy and act every chance I get. I love the thrill of perfoming, especially for a live audience.

Speaking of my on air job… I just want to remind all of the teachers along the way who got on to me for talking too much in class, that they were wrong and I did in fact find a job that pays me to talk!

  Barry McKay Weekdays 3pm - 7pm

Boxers or briefs?  
If I’m wearing boxers that means I’m all out of briefs. So, briefs and a trip to the laundry room.

Who would play you in a movie of your life and what would the movie be titled?  
Jim Carey.  “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to Target” I just love Target!

What's your favorite spam subject line?
Wait, that’s Spam?

My fav:  “I am writing you with total humility and proposing this business which will surely be of great benefit to the two of us”

What five things are always in your fridge?
Coca Cola (classic), Ice Cream (any flavor), Hot Dogs, Did I mention Ice Cream?, Sweet pickles, Left over pizza!

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?
Mind reading! I’m reading yours now…oh, that’s dirty!

Favorite TV Shows:
Seinfeld.  Breaking Bad. Dick Van Dyke Show. Dateline. Nashville.

Favorite Vacation:
Drove my Dad on route 66 halfway from Los Angeles to Oklahoma! Gonna finish the rest this summer!
  Jillana  Weekends
Born and raised in South Carolina, Jillana has always dreamt of being an entertainer.  She grew up believing, “All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”, which was said by her inspiration, Walt Disney.  Along with being an On-Air Personality for Magic, Jillana works as an actor and voice-over artist.  She is currently studying TV/Radio Broadcasting at Tri-County Technical College and during her first semester, Jillana voiced and produced a commercial spot, which won Best Audio at the 2014 Media Mash-Up Festival.  Through all of her work, Jillana hopes to encourage everyone to strive to be the best they can by chasing their dreams!  To learn more, follow Jillana on her Facebook Fanpage and listen to Magic every Saturday from Midnight- 4 a.m.  

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