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Give up....

Give up your demand for what you cannot obtain and you will live a happier life.

Hahaha, easier said than done. 

Sometimes we just have to let go.  I've been reading She-Rain by Michael Cogdill and one part just really got me last night.  All the thoughts that keep running through your mind that bring you down.... LET THEM GO!  Especially if there isn't anything you can do about the situation.  It's so tough to do, but practice makes perfect.

Rather, make room for enjoyable thoughts, be thanful for what you have.  Just like Daniel and Paul and counntless others in the Bible had many tribulations set before them, they still had a peace about themselves.  GRACE.  I'm sure they got mad and pitched fits, but ultimately there was a peace.

One day at a time.  I write this to you, but I also write it to myself.  Thank you!

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01/18/2012 2:23PM
Give up....
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