Be a part of the "Cups" experiment!

The Experiment was a success!!!!


Here's what we asked you to do:

B93.7 invites you to participate in the “Cups Experiment”.

When: This past SUNDAY, April 28th
Where: The Bilo Center
Time: check in started at 1pm, performance starting at 2pm.

Starting at 2pm we started letting people inside the Bi-Lo Center and escorted them onto the floor.  B93.7 promotions staff positioned everybody appropriately.  Once we had everybody placed we began the experiment.  We wanted to see how many people we could get to perform the cups song from the movie PITCH PERFECT. 



We knew this wasn't going to be easy, but it was a lot easier than we thought!!!!!
It did take multiple takes.
Parents and guardians were welcome to sit in the stands during the experiment.
We performed the basic version of the song…not the video version of the song. (example: below)
Singing the song was not required. We focused on creating the beat with the cup.


Here's a Tutorial:

Here's the clip from the movie:


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