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Yankee Pitcher Ejected for Using Pine Tar
During last night's game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, Yankee pitcher Michael Pineda was ejected after the home plate umpire found pine tar on Pineda's neck. Just what the Sox and Yankees needed to fire up that old rivalry. ...
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Oops, He Did It Again
iloveJB123, Flickr
Justin Bieber found himself apologizing to his fans in China after posting a couple of Instagram pics from a shrine in Japan. Part of the mission of the Yasukuni Shrine is to defend Japan's wartime history, and that angers both China and South Korea....
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Real Housewives Get Real
Claudio Gennari, Flickr
Things got pretty dicey in the reunion show for "Real Housewives of Atlanta" over the weekend. Porsha and Kenya got into a drag-down brawl that ended up with Porsha being arrested for assault. It's sort of like "Real Housewives" meets...
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School Kids Get a Ride in the Popemobile
Getty Images
Pope Francis continues to delight the world with his open approach to the papacy. Last week, he stopped the Popemobile in the middle of St. Peter's Square and asked a group of 5th graders if anyone wanted to take a ride. Two young boys did, and got the...
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Happy Anniversary, My Not-So-Better Half
David Masters, Flickr
You'll need to follow the bouncing marriage counselor on this one… Kris and Bruce Jenner – the mom and stepdad of the Kardashians – announced their separation last October and are living in different houses. Yet, they're still...
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Baby Girl Barrymore Gets a Baby Boy Name
Joshua Rappeneker, Flickr
Drew Barrymore and her husband Will Kopelman announced the arrival of their second daughter on Tuesday. Joining them and sister Olive is baby Frankie. Yes, Frankie. No word yet on why the more-male-than-female name choice, but it is better than...
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Check In with the Butt Clan
Joe Shlabotnik, Flickr
It's Wednesday, so it must be time for another Kardashian butt profile. This time, it's Kourtney, caught in Las Vegas in a green one-piece designed to show off her back bumpers to full advantage. Can't help but wonder – if the Kardashians fly on...
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Scott Rubin, Flickr
The public relations team at the New York Police Department decided to gather pictures of their officers interacting with the public for use on their Facebook page. So they took to social media and asked the Twitterverse to send photos taken with members...
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Brudda, Can I Hitch A Ride?
Photo Credit: Sarah Reid, Flickr
Officials at Hawaiian Airlines say that a 16-year-old stowaway crawled into the wheel well of one of its jets in California and somehow survived the trip to Maui. A trauma expert says that the boy made it through the bitter cold and low supply of oxygen...
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Sounds Way Too Good, But It's True
Photo Credit: Todd Barnard, Flickr
Here's a Groupon deal you can't resist. A chance to meet and greet Brad Pitt. Yes, that Brad Pitt. All you have to do is make a $10 donation to Make It Right, Pitt's charity that provides eco-friendly affordable housing, and you're entered into a...
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